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    Clearing Clutter

    We are truly blessed to be living in a culture of great abundance.  The downside however, is a clutter epidemic of colossal proportions with far reaching effects. When the spaces we inhabit on a daily basis are overfilled or disorganized, our physical, emotional and mental energy becomes drained and stagnant.  Feelings of frustration and fatigue result.

    The reason for this is simple - the more we cram into our work or living spaces, the less room there is for nourishing Ch'i, or life force energy, to circulate.

    Clutter clearing is a fundamental aspect of Feng Shui.  No amount of rearranging or decorating can be fully effective if the flow of Ch'i is blocked. All areas including closets, drawers, storage rooms, and garages carry equal weight.

    Many of us find it difficult to let go of things we have accumulated. There are many reasons for this. We will explore them in depth in a future article. If you are feeling the instinctive need to lighten your load, now is a great time to start!

    Clutter Busting Tips

     To avoid overwhelm, start in one small area, room or drawer.  Create an "escape" plan by committing a limited amount of time to each clearing session. Even if you only spend 15 minutes a week, over time you will have moved mountains.  The process will begin to energize you and once you get started, you may not want to stop!  Be honest about what no longer serves you and be ruthless about clearing it out.  Getting rid of it will be the last bit of energy it steals from you.

    Here we go!

    Set out 6 large boxes and label them:




      Gifts (for specific friends or family members)

      Repair (in the very near future, or toss it now!)

      Relocate (to another room)

    In her book, Organizing from the Inside Out, Julie Morgenstern recommends an acronym that I find very effective. Be sure to follow it in order!  You'll stay on track and the process will be much easier.

      S = Sort (here's where the boxes come in handy) 

      P = Purge (let go with wild abandon!)

      A = Assign a location for the things you are keeping.

      C = Containerize (shelving, sturdy decorative boxes, baskets, file cabinets, etc.)

      E = Equalize (Is the arrangement working for you?  Do you have easy access to the things you use most often?  Is the new arrangement easily maintained?)

    When seen through Feng Shui eyes, clutter clearing is elevated from the mundane to the sublime as you make room for that which reflects the latest version of your ever unfolding self!


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